2020 Humble ISD Education Foundation Gala
Starting 4/17/2020 and ending on 4/17/2020
Event Groups:
• Humble ISD Education Foundation - Humble ISD Events
We invite you to ROCK the night away with us at this year’s Humble ISD Education Foundation Gala: Be A Rockstar For Kids. Channel your inner rock star as you go on tour with us on Friday, April 17, 2020. Our first show  on the tour begins at 6:00 pm and it wouldn’t be the same without you!

This fun-filled evening will include rocking out to the music of legends,  courtesy of Olde Skewl, a Humble ISD educator band and the always popular,  Teacher of the Year announcement.

This event benefits the Humble ISD Education Foundation’s Innovative Education Grant program. Humble ISD educators dream big for their studentsand with your help, the Foundation can make those dreams come true by inspiring innovation and enhancing academic opportunities to create the  foundation for lifelong learning.
Humble Civic Center
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