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Big Heroes, Tiny Homes


Sleeping in a cozy, warm and safe place is any homeless person’s dream. Students from Humble ISD’s Summer Creek and Kingwood Park High School are now working to make this dream a reality. The goal of the project “Big Heroes, Tiny Homes. Students Helping Veterans” is to create a tiny home community that serves homeless veterans. Local architects, including BRW Architects, are mentoring architecture students from both campuses to help them design the tiny homes. 

“This will give students the unique opportunity to serve our homeless veterans, learn about potential career paths and instill a heart of service in students of our district,” said Melissa Taylor, Kingwood Park High School Teacher.

The Humble ISD Education Foundation teamed up with the students to support this innovative project. "In working with these students on this integrated learning project, I have seen them interact as leaders, collaborators, innovators and great communicators. These high school students are modeling the competencies that our community has said they want all students to possess by graduation," said Jerri Monbaron, Humble ISD Education Foundation Executive Director.

 “The students have the capacity to become difference-makers, today,” Julie Sahmel, a teacher at Summer Creek High School said. “Students are taking the initiative to research, learn and create. Students want to learn because they can now see that their learning truly does matter.”

Students like Natalia Andrade, a senior at Summer Creek High School, are taking on this hands-on service project and learning beyond the books. “This give us students a more interactive learning environment, to think deeper, and seek solutions to any problems that may arise throughout the project. This is also preparing us for the professional world, and teaching us what it will take to be successful in our careers. I couldn't be more grateful to be part of this educational and heart moving project, which is not only opening many opportunities for me, but for every student involved.”

Kaylie Lyle, student from Summer Creek High School, said, I am learning how to apply my leadership skills in a real life. This program has opened my mind to the way non-profits function, how to approach business and community members for assistance.” 

Both schools are designing the tiny homes, but to build the models, they need your help. Phase 1 of the project is to build the home that the students designed. The students are asking for donations that will be used to start the building process. Kingwood Park and Summer Creek will begin construction on model homes in the fall of 2018. Once built, the students hope that the community can see the resources and skills they can bring to the table and then help to find partners and funding for the second phase, which is to acquire land an operating partner for the tiny home community.Our Humble ISD students want to challenge architecture building students from other districts to also design and build tiny homes. This community for veterans can easily be filled with tiny homes. We now need the partners to bring phase 2 to life," said Sahmel.

 “I am so very proud of our students and the ownership they are taking with this project.  We hope to instill in our students the core competencies that Portrait of a Graduate embodies. Students will face situations in which they must think critically and innovate to address issues as we move forward. Students will also be responsible for presenting and sharing this project with others. This project represents a huge step forward in becoming a service-oriented Global Citizen,” said Taylor.

You can join the mission and help make this dream a reality for the community. To learn more about Big Heroes, Tiny Homes, visit www.humbleisd.net/bigheroestinyhomes.

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