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Welcome Back!

Friends of the Foundation,

What a start to a school year we will not soon forget! But as time goes by, this year will not only be remembered for masks being on the school supply list and Zoom becoming as common of a word as phone or email. We will also remember the resiliency of our children as they navigate a strange new world. We will remember the “fight against all odds” determination of our educators as they plan for instruction in ways they couldn’t have dreamed a year ago. We will remember the bravery of our education leaders as they wade through mountains of data and ever changing protocols to create a new definition of a safe space for learning. And we will remember you, our supporters who stood with us through it all, willing to answer the call when it came to help out in any way you could.

And speaking of helping, it was just three years ago when our friends in Louisiana were there to help us when we needed it due to Hurricane Harvey. Now it is our turn to return the favor. Abigail Greenwood, 7th grader at Creekwood Middle School, is organizing a drop off donation event to be taken to the Cajun Navy. Click here to learn more and give back. And just in case you needed a reminder, below is a picture of Wes Partin, Principal at Southside Junior High School from Livingston Parish Public School District in Denham Springs, Louisiana who drove a rented truck 300 miles to bring donated supplies to people he’d never met but heard could use some help. Let’s show our Cajun friends their kindness was never forgotten.

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