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Prize Posse 2017

Since 2000, Humble ISD campuses have received over $10.4 million dollars from the Foundation.

As of May 19th, the Foundation has awarded $955,688 in grants for the 2016-2017 school year:

$307,195 were awarded on Prize Posse day
$648,493 were awarded in designated grants as of May 11, 2017
361 projects on 45 campuses were awarded a grant from the Foundation during the 2016-2017 school year (110 projects on Prize Posse day).


Friday, May, 19 was a day full of big smiles, cheers and happy tears as the Prize Posse team delivered more than $307,000 dollars in grants to Humble ISD educators. The Foundation teamed up with dozens of community members, volunteers and donors to make this an unforgettable surprise for teachers. On this day alone, the Foundation awarded 110 projects and has awarded a total of 361 projects throughout the 2016-2017 school year. Several projects will benefit students at more than one school, so a total of 45 Humble ISD campuses will benefit from the grants.

“Prize Posse is the most exciting day of the year; it is almost like a publishers clearing house day. We go to schools, bust through doors and run down the halls screaming, super excited with pompons and hand clappers to announce who got funded,” said Jen Sitton, Humble ISD Education Foundation Chairman.

Sometimes educators have to spend money out of their own pockets for projects that engage their students in learning; a challenge that some teachers cannot afford. This is where grant money plays its part. Every year, the Humble ISD Education Foundation raises funds through events like the Humble Rodeo & BBQ Cook-off, annual gala and others. The proceeds from these events support innovative education projects that fall outside the scope of the Humble ISD operating budget. Since 2000, Humble ISD Education Foundation has granted over $10.4 million dollars to Humble ISD schools. The Foundation team is excited to fund more projects and benefit more schools. Below are some grants that were funded this school year.

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