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2017 I.E. Grants

Submitting innovative education grants to shape the future of thousands of Humble ISD’s students has never been easier. For the first time since 2000, educators submitted their grant applications through the Foundation’s new online grants portal. There were 302 district users that signed up and created accounts in the new online system. By the deadline in February, the Foundation received 273 grants from 43 campuses. This is a 37% increase from last year and the second largest number of grant applications received since 2000.

“This is a very exciting time for grant making at the Foundation. It has been a learning curve, researching and setting up the online system. It has been a pleasure providing technical assistance and workshops to campuses and individual writers as they took advantage of the new system,” said Dr. Adrianne Holmes, Grants Coordinator.

Now that the grants portal closed and the applications are in, the fun part begins. A committee of grant reviewers will get together to read through each of the grants individually. To complete this task, the committee will divide into teams.

“During the week of March 6th, the 30 Grant Review Committee members received their online orientation and began reviewing grants. Each committee member has either 27 or 28 grants to review. It is definitely a huge task and we appreciate our volunteer readers committing their time,” said Holmes.

Once the review is complete, the committee will meet on April 21 to select which grants to fund. The Foundation will then start preparing award packets for Prize Posse day. On this great day, Foundation supporters load up three school buses and burst into classrooms, surprising educators with the great news that they won a grant.

Since 2000, Humble ISD Education Foundation has granted over $9 million dollars to Humble ISD schools. The Foundation team is excited to fund more projects and benefit more schools. - See more at:

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