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2020 Prize Posse

This year, the Foundation had its first ever Asynchronous Prize Posse. Asynchronous? Yes! This year, Prize Posse had to look a little different. First, we had to delay it from last May to this August with the hope that our Prize Posse would get to go into schools and make the grant awards in person. Now that we know that having outside visitors wouldn't be safe for campus staff, we moved to Plan C. The Foundation asked Humble ISD principals to serve as our Prize Posse and deliver the great news to their grant winning teachers. The Foundation awarded $200,714 in grants to 43 campuses for the 2019-2020 Prize Posse. Since 2000, the Foundation has awarded $14.1 million to Humble ISD.

This level of support to Humble ISD educators and students is only possible when a community stands up and for education. Thank YOU for supporting excellence in Humble ISD!
Thank you to generous Foundation donors making an impact in Humble ISD.