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Innovative Education Grants

Innovative Education Grants

The Foundation funds innovative, creative projects that enrich student learning experiences and support the district’s mission of developing each child intellectually, artistically, emotionally, physically, and socially so that all students are lifelong learners, complex thinkers, responsible global citizens and effective communicators. Grants are awarded to teachers, programs, and departments around the district for creative innovative education projects.

Steps to Submit an IE Grant Application:
  1. Before submitting an application, read through the Innovative Education Grants Manual and the 2020 Innovative Grant Application Questions. Both of these resources will provide a clear overview of the application process and collaboration needed to submit this grant.
  2. New users will need to create a login for grant portal. Returning users may log in with existing credentials.
  3. Consider attending an Innovative Grant workshop or Open –shop days (listed below) prior to submitting your application.
  4. Submit Application and all required documentation, including grant budget by Sunday, February 23, 2020 by 11:59 PM. 


Application Blind-Review Process:
All completed applications are reviewed by the grant review committee. The committee is composed of board members, community volunteers, and other non-staff representatives.  Each application will be evaluated by three review committee members before the winning grants are selected.

Because it is a blind review process, we ask that you do not list your name or campus name unless it there is a field on the application that asks for it.  When you are describing your project in all other areas of the application, please do not include identifying information such as your campus name. You are welcome to describe the needs of your campus but just don’t use your campus name. 

Prize Posse: May 1, 2020
On this day, the Humble ISD Prize Posse (made up of community members and foundation donors)  will load school busses and visit schools to surprise educators with the news they won a grant.  If you submit a grant this year, please make sure you are at school on May 1st.  We don’t want you to miss seeing the Prize Posse! 

 WorkshopsDate/Time Place Registration Link 
 I.E Grants Nov. 18th 4:30-5:30PM Collab Ctr. Room 102 Register Today!
 I.E Grants Dec. 12th 4:30-5:30PM ISC, Room 1035 Register Today!
 I.E Grants Jan. 15th 4:30-5:30PM Collab Ctr. Room 106 Register Today!
 Open Shop Days Feb. 3 - Feb. 14, 2020 Admin Building Call for appointment

Your contact person during this application process is Humble ISD Education Foundation Resource Development Coordinator Melinna Lopez. Please contact her at [email protected] or 281-641-8141.

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