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Grantee Reporting

Grantee Reporting

If you received a grant from the Education Foundation, you are required to submit progress reports to comply with the Foundation Grant Agreements. In order to apply for grants in subsequent years from the Foundation, your reports must be submitted on time and online via the Grants Portal Log In.

Mid-Year Progress Reports: Due January 24, 2020
All grantees awarded grants in Spring 2019 with projects in progress through the end of the fall semester. If your project is not underway for any reason, you must still complete a Mid-Year Report explaining the circumstances for implementation delay. 

Final Evaluation Reports: Due May 24, 2020
All grantees awarded grants in Spring 2019 with projects completing at the end of spring 2020. If your project is not closing out for any reason, you must request an extension from the Foundation detailing the circumstances for implementation delay and include a tentative timeline of when your project will complete. Extensions are not automatic and must be requested. 

* If your project is completed but there are funds remaining, then you also need to complete the Balance Remaining Form found here and follow the directions on the final evaluation report.

If you have questions about the reporting requirements for your grant, please contact:
(281) 641-8141