Ryan J. Huberty Fund

Ryan J. Huberty Fund

Texas Representative Dan Huberty toured classrooms in Lakeland Elementary to present the Ryan J. Huberty Grant.  


Learning how to read and write are basic fundamentals that any children should grasp in their first two years of elementary school. However, not all do; one in five students have dyslexia and struggle with their everyday learning.  “Dyslexia is a neurological disorder that affects students’ ability to decode words and sometimes spell.” said Stefanie Perry, Dyslexia Coordinator for Humble ISD.

The alarming national statistic became a reality for Texas State Representative Dan Huberty and his family. “Our son, Ryan Huberty, has dyslexia and we have been very pleased with the services he received from Humble ISD and we now want to ensure other students with dyslexia have access to the same resources” said Huberty.  Therefore, Representative Huberty and his wife, Janet, created the Ryan J. Huberty Fund through the Humble ISD Education Foundation to support education projects that assist students with dyslexia. “Two years ago we did not know how many children had dyslexia in the state of Texas. If you don’t know what the problem is then you don’t know how to solve it or provide the resources needed.” said Huberty.

A little over 500 students in Humble ISD have been identified with dyslexia.  The District is now working on early identification through the use of school data to ensure that every student with the disorder can be identified, said Perry.

This year, the grant funds donated to the Ryan Hubety Fund funded materials at Lakeland Elementary to address the needs of bilingual students who also have dyslexia.   “This grant will give us the most updated materials to be able to intervene with our students in the area of Spanish. This will help the students in the Spanish program transition into the English program seamlessly.” said Perry. 

Gloria Parker, Dyslexia teacher, said,” I am so grateful to the Huberty Family who see this need and have so graciously seen it in their hearts to support us.” 

You can too support students with dyslexia by donating to the Ryan J, Huberty Fund. Click here to make your donation today.