Prize Posse May 2016

Prize Posse May 2016

Innovative Education Foundation Grants Awarded to Humble ISD Schools


This Friday, May, 13 was a day full of big smiles, cheers and happy tears. The Humble ISD Education Foundation, alongside dozens of volunteers and donors, entered classrooms with pompons, hand clappers, and giant checks to recognize the hard work and innovation of the Humble ISD educators. The Foundation awarded over $294,000 dollars for innovative teaching grants on this one day and has awarded over $1,183,929 throughout the 15-16 school year.

Sometimes educators have to spend money out of their own pockets for creative projects that engage their students in learning; a challenge that some teachers cannot afford.  This is where grant money comes in to play. Every year, the Humble ISD Education Foundation raises funds through events like the Humble Rodeo & BBQ Cook-off, annual gala and others. The proceeds from these events are towards supporting innovative education projects that fall outside the scope of the Humble ISD operating budget.  

This year, Humble ISD educators submitted 199 grant applications and 106 projects were chosen to receive funding Friday. Several projects will benefit students at more than one school, so a total of 39 Humble ISD campuses will benefit from the prize money awarded on Friday. Since 2000, Humble ISD Foundation has granted over $9 million dollars to Humble ISD schools.


Grants awarded by schools


Atascocita High School

Photo Finish, written by Olivia Lujan:  $ 2,000
Catch Me If You Can, written by Lori Kittrell: $ 2,100
Express Yourself, written by James Pittard: $ 1,430
Catch Me If You Can, written by Gerald Findley: $ 2,070
Testing The Waters, written by Debra Howsmon: $ 1,329
A Safer Cut, written by Daryl Maune : $ 2,995
Shocking Science, written by Brian Truck: $ 1,347


Atascocita Middle School

Healthy CHOICES for Today's Teens, written by Judith Digregorio: $ 512
Building a Community of Learners, written by Karl Koehler: $ 2,400


Atascocita Springs Elementary

Healing Hearts with a Furry Friend, written by Lisa Naylor: $ 2,400


Bear Branch Elementary

Back to Our Roots Habitat, written by Cheryl Kennedy: $ 373
3, 2, 1 Razkids Rockets Reach the STAARS and Beyond, written by Lisa Lloyd-Rader: $ 1,265
Camp Write Along, written by Franchesca Munoz: $ 723


Community Learning Center

Tying Down Science Knowledge with Anchor Labs, written by Madeline Pasha: $ 10,355


Creekwood Middle School

Navigating the Digital Revolution, written by Ana Mascolo: $ 10,349


Deerwood Elementary

Makerspaces in the Library, written by Wendy McAlister: $ 1,140
RAZ-Kids Readers, written by Cindy Barker: $ 1,534


Eagle Springs Elementary

Who Is? Who Was?, written by Brandy Heckman: $ 800
Creativity Fills the Sound Waves,  written by Darcy Petzold: $ 3,000


Elm Grove Elementary

We Need eHelp!, written by Tonja Hinojosa-May: $ 4,000


Fall Creek Elementary

A Fraction of Distraction, written by Aaron Austin: $ 1,328
Success Without Sound, written by Natalie Wilkes: $ 825
It's All About Me, written by Patricia Edmonds: $ 732


Greentree Elementary

Dashing Towards Coding, written by Cara Rydell: $ 1,551
Wobbly and Weak, written by Shannon Brabham: $ 1,231
Social Thinkers and Doers, written by Kinsey Byrd:  $ 613
Adding Up a Community, written by Michelle Stroud: $ 1,231
Launch Pads for Creative Learning, written by Heather Burdette: $ 5,000


Hidden Hollow Elementary

Amazing Animals, written by Courtney Ruff: $ 2,376


Humble Elementary

Shake, Wiggle, and Learn, written by Sarah Robinson: $ 2,287


Humble High School

24 Hour Theatre Project, written by, Brandy Rood: $ 2,000
Get Ready to Work, written by Steven Clampitt: $ 7,270.50
Safe Hearts and EKG Capable Students, written by Amy Walker: $ 2,950
Graph It, written by Misti Morrison: $ 4,099


Instructional Support Center

Movement, Behavior, and Learning, written by Leslie Johnson: $ 5,408


Jack Fields Sr Elementary

Interactive Books for the Library, written by Margaret Kollister: $ 1,030
REACH for the Stars, written by Melinda Butler: $ 5,000.
Minecraft Fanfiction Writing Project, written by Melinda Butler: $ 401


Kingwood High School

Better Tools Make Better Technicians, written by Brett Jolley: $ 7,270.50
Socially With It!, written by Jane Tragesser: $ 1,967
Staying on the Cutting Edge, written by Dustin Carnahan: $ 3,150
Applied Skills Tools for Learning, written by Maria De Veyra: $ 406
Transition Skills for Students with Disabilities, written by Patricia Lund: $ 734
Service Learning - LOTE (Languages Other Than English), written by Wendy Otsuka: $ 1,800


Kingwood Middle School

Discoveries in Time, written by Michelle Neyrey: $ 4,173


Kingwood Park High School

Real Time Physics - Updating for the 21st Century, written by Kathleen Goerner: $ 2,961
SPARK Element Science, written by Kathleen Gorner: $ 2,137


Lakeshore Elementary

Mind and Body: A Perfect 10, written by Jannelle Wiggin: $ 748
Books You Can 'Count' On, written by Rachelle Hall: $ 1,713


Maplebrook Elementary

Runaway Reading with Storyworks, written by Wendy Anaya: $ 1,925


North Belt Elementary

Sum Fun! Everyday I'm Calculating, written by Alicia Chavez: $ 3,600
Bare-Riffic Authors, written by Sharon Keller: $ 2,639
Learning in the Fast Lane, written by Lourdes Jenkins: $ 4,184
Bridging the Summer Reading Gap, written by Lorena Curiel : $ 4,520
We're Off to See the Wizard, written by Sacheen Goodman: $ 2,255
Roll and Read, written by Aira Uribe: $ 785
Biography All-Stars, written by Seana Moss: $ 1,000
PAWSticks, written by Christina Morris: $ 655
Reading, Reading Everywhere, written by Cara Munn: $ 3,798
There's No Place Like Home, written by Kara Peck: $ 496
PRIDE: Character Building Beyond the Classroom, written by Kara Peck : $ 300
Making Math 'Real' through Reading, written by Alicia Chavez: $ 2,405


Oak Forest Elementary

Drumming Up Character, written by Jennifer Olges: $ 5,187


Oaks Elementary

Roger That: Breaking Communication Barriers, written by Jamie Bencak: $ 2,937


Park Lakes Elementary

Reading 'Chrome'phension, written by Becky Hunt: $ 3,260
'TOTEally' Reading on My Mind, written by Becky Hunt: $ 210


Pine Forest Elementary

Crayons to College: Pilgrimage to the Halls of Knowledge Two, written by Jennifer Vanderbrook: $ 5,995
Flocabulary Vocabulary, written by Marcie Bogdon: $ 576
Innovative Answers, written by Kylie Wells: $ 3,472


Quest High School

Writing Centered, written by Daphne Henderson: $ 8,255
Windows to the World, written by Kimberly Mouser: $ 8,425


Ridge Creek Elementary

Stepping Out Your Door Into Your Future, written by Patrick Andrus: $ 1,883
4-Dimensional Reading: Using Sight, Hearing, Speech, Touch to Read and Comprehend, written by Vanesha Ford: $ 4,606


River Pines Elementary

BizTown Business, written by Daniel Anderson: $1,900
Microscopic Magic, written by Daniel Anderson: $ 3,180


Riverwood Middle School

Communication for All: Teaching Language through Science Kits, written by Jane Tragresser: $ 6,703
Science Nerds Rule the World, written by Eileen Bell: $ 8,889
Get Graphic, written by Lesley Nickelson: $ 3,000
Tech Mission Possible...Should You Decide to Accept, written by Bert Guynes: $ 8,000


Shadow Forest Elementary

Comics? No Way!, written by Lisa Grayson: $ 2,902
Listen Up! Finding Fluency, written by Debbie Hunt: $ 1,470
Non-Fiction Rocks!, written by Alison Igoe: $ 4,003
Building Blocks to a Mathematical Foundation, written by Rhydonna Anthony: $ 2,400
Squirm to Learn, written by Dana Zuercher: $ 1,944


Sterling Middle School

Building a Health/Safety Education 'HANDS ON' Library, written by  Pam Trahan: $ 1,000
Speak Like a Native: Foreign Language Enrichment, written by Danielle Coulanges: $ 2,000


Summer Creek High School

2016-2017 AP English Language Symposium: Restorative Justice, written by Ashley Gibson: $ 6,000


Summerwood Elementary

Are We There Yet?, written by Brian Peters: $ 3,780
Not Another Worksheet, written by Susan Ellington: $ 1,392


Timbers Elementary

Big Books for Big Learning, written byKate Peters: $ 4,201
Big Brainz for Even More Gainz, written by Kate Peters: $ 5,000
Making Knowledge POP, written by Kari Schellinger: $ 1,350
Learning to Play, Playing to Learn, written by Camille DiTusa: $ 2,430
The Year of the Bluebonnet Books: Chapter 3, written by Amy Rynearson: $ 1,267
Let Your Light Shine, written by Camila DiTusa: $ 1,671


Timberwood Middle School

Roger That: Breaking Communication Barriers, written by Katy Ralston: $ 2,937


Whispering Pines Elementary

Sliding Into Summer, Sliding Into Learning, written by Sarah Holmes: $ 3,550
Math PALS, written by Layla Dugas: $ 4,720


Willow Creek Elementary

Now You See It, written by Krystal Sims: $ 1,750
Making Seniors Smile, written by Michele Heileman: $ 620
Brag It! Tag It!, written by Nancy Pinkerton: $ 640
Do-Re-Mi- Read, written by Wendy Loflin: $ 375
Let's Get Moving, written by Renee Johnson: $ 2,750


Woodland Hills Elementary

Crazy About Connecting, written by Kayla Cannon: $ 1,084
Words at Work (and Play), written by Jennifer Duncan: $ 1,034
Passport to summer, written by Faith Monks: $2,848



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