Prize Posse Fall 2015

Prize Posse Fall 2015

The classrooms of eight educators on Friday, Nov. 13, were filled with emotions when dozens of community members, volunteers and Humble ISD Education Foundation donors entered their rooms with grant money to fund their dream projects. The Foundation awarded a total of $100,000. The amount was received by the nonprofit to distribute as grants as a result of the district being named the 2015 Best Large District in Texas by the H-E-B Excellence in Education Awards.

"It's really gratifying seeing how excited these teachers are about seeing their dreams come true," said Scott McClelland, Houston HEB president; who was present at the time of the check presentation.

Teachers’ reactions were priceless. The excitement turned into laughs and hugs as signs of gratitude. 
This grant money will fund new ideas and programs such as the Service learning: Design Build project.  With the grant money, the students will implement their knowledge of architecture, construction, engineering and welding to construct a home for low income families in our community.

"Teachers got great ideas, lots of projects that they want to implement. Educators want to do things that they think can really benefit the classroom, but don't necessarily have the money," said Carrie Brinsden with Humble ISD Education Foundation. 

The $100,000 in grants was divided among 32 schools in the 18 projects that were funded. 


Projects awarded:

1-Lakeland Elementary School:  Educator, Shannon Green

Project Title:  Reading Comprehension Booklist Project   Awarded:  $11,247

Additional Campuses Impacted: BBE, EGE, GTE, NBE, OFE, PFE, SWE,TE, WCE,WHE

The Humble ISD Curriculum Department has recommended particular library books for teachers to use in their classroom when teaching specific instructional strategies.  However, eleven elementary campuses either do not have copies of these library books or have only one copy per school.  This grant program will expand the library book offerings at these eleven campuses to ensure that students will have the resources they need to be academically successful. 

2-Ross Sterling Middle School: Educator, Laketha Cooper/ Tera Marburgh

Project Title:  Parent University  Awarded:  $787

Through monthly classroom sessions for parents, this projects aims to educate and empower parents of over 900 students. Parents will see what their child is learning in math and Reading/Language Art classes. This will allow parents to participate in their child’s homework, be part of their learning process, and acquire tools and strategies to support their children academically.


3-Ross Sterling Middle School:  Educator, Candace Hayes-Richmond    

Project Title: A Whole New World   Awarded:  $2,717

Additional Campuses Impacted:  HHS

The use of technology with 3D Printers intends to close the academic gaps that affect the majority of the population of low income students, and English language learners. Low income students at middle school and high school level lack a non-structured outside of school experiences like theaters, museums, festivals, restaurants of various cousins, and family vacations. With a 3D Printer, the students will be able to create an image of an object that they may not be able to see on their own. This process will help broaden those students educational experience.


4-Ross Sterling Middle School: Educator, John Newsom

 Project Title:  Programed to Roll Over STEM   Awarded: $3,927

Additional Campuses Impacted: Kingwood Middle, Woodcreek Middle

This grant will tackle the major struggle that Ross Sterling Middle School faces now with technology. There is a limited amount of time that students are able to personally interact with technology equipment at the school. The purchase of 12 Spheros, an application-enable robotic ball, will allow a class of 24 to pair up and experience more hands on time with the technology.  Spheros inspire tomorrow’s inventors and innovators by using their love of robotics, coding and STEM principles. 


5- Career & Technology Education Center: Educator, Kira A. Hassler Newsom

Project Title:  To Shoot or Not to Shoot?  A Daily Decision for Law Enforcement Officers  Awarded:  $7,500

Additional Campuses Impacted: AHS, HHS, KHS, KPHS, SCHS

This unique project allows the students to act as police officers and make split second decisions. The participants will go through simulated situations, carrying all the equipment that a law enforcement officer would wear on a daily basis. This will give students a perspective that is essential to understand the decision making process of law enforcement.


6-Instructional Support Center: Educator, Ellen Shimer

Project Title:  Getting Ready with Ready Rosie: A Parent, School, Community Project    Awarded:  $13,300

Campuses Impacted: EGE, FE, HE, LLE, NBE RCE, RPE     

Ready Rosie is a program that uses email and texting technology to deliver daily videos to parents, caregivers, and administrators in English and Spanish. With the program, children and families will be exposed to thousands of academic vocabulary words in meaningful contexts. Through the video modeling, families and private providers will have a greater understanding of early literacy and numeracy best practices and gain more confidence as their child’s first teacher.

7-Summer Creek High School: Educator, Marilyn Mann / Nolan Correa

Project Title: Rachel’s Challenge at Summer Creek High School   Awarded:  $2,000

Rachel’s Challenge is a bullying and violence abatement program based on the life and writings of Rachel Joy Scott who was the first victim of the Columbine school shooting in 1999.  This challenge exists to inspire individuals to promote acts of respect, kindness, and compassion. This social-emotional student training will impact student achievement by altering the culture of the school. This is accomplished by delivering proactive deterrence and antidotes to violence and bullying, actively involving the entire community of parents, students, and teachers in the process.

8-Atascocita High School: Educator, Kap McWorter

Project Title:  Camp G.I.V.E (Generously Investing and Volunteering to Empower)  Awarded: $3,039

Additional Campuses Impacted: HHS, KHS, KPHS, QECHS, SCHS

This program is a strategic partnership between Humble ISD, Learning to Give, and Rice University’s Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit leadership and will take Humble ISD’s current service learning and philanthropy education to the next level.  Participating in a two-week summer camp, high school students will move from marked civic engagement to community change agents and strategic investors. Camp GIVE will provide Humble ISD a remarkably innovative way to mature “globally minded citizens” with a profound sense of purpose in their community.


9-Lakeshore Elementary School: Educator,Stephanie Coronado

Project Title:  Be a BUDDY  Awarded: $2,600

Additional Campus Impacted:  Woodcreek Middle

The transition from elementary school to middle school can cause students many sleepless nights, and a summer of anxiety and anticipation. This project is designed to partner 7th grade students with current 5th grade students to have a buddy that they could learn from and know what to expect when they get to middle school. This would also allow the students to know some of the 8th graders when they arrive to school as 6th graders.

10-Maplebrook Elementary School: Educator, Darla Tinelli

Project Title:  Drum Roll Please!    Awarded:  $4,413

Additional Campuses Impacted: GTE, LSE, OFE, PFE

DrumFit is a fitness based drumming program that combines the mental health benefits of drumming with the overall health benefits of physical fitness.  This cross curricular program will impact five elementary schools and over 3,500 students. This is a fun and creative program to engage the students in physical activity and learning.

11-Community Learning Center:Educator, Janna McLain

Project Title:  Engaging the Kinesthetic Learner  Awarded:  $1,733

Students with behavioral concerns can struggle academically. When the behavior surpasses the support that can be provided on campus, children are assigned to the Elementary Behavior Support Counselor (EBSP) alongside a behavior interventionist to create a treatment plan. Through this project, students will enrich their skills through experiential activities using kinesthetic learning materials such as listening centers, educational games and role-playing equipment.  These materials will give the treatment team the necessary tools to meet the students’ individual needs and ensure their successful future.


12-Kingwood Middle School: Educator, Michael Saxton

Project Title:  Full Spectrum 40W/45W CO2 Hobby Laser With Air Compressor  Awarded:  $7,125  

Additional Campuses Impacted: AMS, CMS, KMS, RMS, SMS, WMS     

Incorporating a 3D software included with an engraver will allow students to acquire real world skills by creating projects. Coding and Computer science requires analytical problem solving and creating skills. This project will give students an opportunity to learn cutting edge 21st Century technology.   


13-Instructional Support Center: Educator, Deanne Moore

Project Title:  Developing a Healthy, Safe, Supported, Engaged and Challenged Whole Child      Awarded:  $8,650

Campuses Impacted: EGE, PLE, RCE HMS, SMS, HHS, SCHS

This unique project will provide students at seven elementary campuses with brain based/brain compatible movement and skill specific instruction on the Great 8 social and emotional skills for life.  The Great 8 skills include:  optimistic thinking, self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, self-management, goal directed behavior, personal responsibility, and decision making.  Each of the seven campuses will utilize Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) Teams or Culture & Climate committees to reinforce the skills through morning announcements, visuals in the building, and skill specific reinforcements.  Instructional materials, classroom equipment, and tools for student activities will support interventions for appropriate movement in the classroom, as well as action based learning labs.


14-Discipline Alternative Education Program (Community Learning Center): Educator, Joe Callaghan

Project Title:  Community Garden Awarded:  $4,946

Additional Campus Impacted: Cambridge

The community garden will foster a sense of community among the different campuses at the Community Learning Center and in turn help develop leaders, enhance math skills, develop job and life skills, and foster conversations on issued of environmental sustainability. This garden is a healthy activity for students that can bring them closer to nature and allow them to interact with each other in a socially meaningful and physically productive way.


15-Park Lakes Elementary School: Educator, Becky Hunt

Project Title:  Legos for Learning!     Awarded:  $1,368

Who doesn’t want to use Legos to learn? The idea of using Legos in the classroom will allow teachers and students to have a structured and streamlined program. This program will have many components that will be taught to students at their own individual space. They will learn independence by creating Lego structures on their own and then they will get partners to ultimately create group projects.


16-Discipline Alternative Education Program (Community Learning Center): Educator, Judy Beavin

Project Title:  Comprehension of Mathematical Concepts through Interactive Technology     Awarded: $15,000

Additional Campuses Impacted: AHS, HHS, KHS, KPHS, SCHS AMS, CMS, HMS, KMS, SMS, TMS, WMS                                                                                               

With the grant funds, the Discipline Alternative Education Program’s math department will purchase touch screen laptops and the new McGraw-Hill interactive activities program. The students will use audio, still images, short videos, and interactive activities to learn how to analyze, strategize, evaluate and determine a solution. As of now, a large portion of students come to the discipline program failing math. The goal of this grant is to have the ability to send students back to campus passing with a good understanding of math concepts and the ability to apply problem solving skills in the future.


17-Kingwood Park High School: Educator, Melissa Taylor

Project Title:  Service Learning:  Design Build   Awarded:  $5,696  

Additional Campuses Impacted: CATE, AHS, HHS, KHS, QECHS, SCHSThe students of Humble ISD will implement their knowledge of architecture, construction, engineering, and welding to construct a home/ structure for low income families in our community. The participants will work within groups to construct part of the house. They will also paint, tile, install cabinetry, frame out walls, window doors, based on industry standards. This will get them ready for their future career in architecture, construction, welding and engineering.


 18-Elm Grove Elementary School: Educator, Tonja Hinojosa-May   

 Project Title:  Makerstations: Maker Me Happy     Awarded:  $3,952

Additional Campus Impacted: Oak Forest Elementary

This grant will create Makerstations which gives students opportunities for self directed learning, using hands on tools that support invention.  These stations will be constructed in the libraries to be utilized during library specials rotation time and also before and after school.  The skills obtained through this project will provide students the aptitude required in all levels of learning which is ultimately critical for success in science, technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


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