Kingwood Garden Club donates books

The Fun in Nature

Do you know how seeds travel? Or what happens to an egg? These are simple questions that most adults might not be able to answer. Surprisingly, if you ask any Humble ISD elementary school student, you will be amazed by their response.

“These kids are learning everything about science; where do rocks and crystals come from and what happens with the flowers and the bees,” said Marta Martin, Co President of the Kingwood Garden Club.

The group’s mission is to raise awareness about nature and gardening. The Kingwood Garden Club donated a series of five nature books to twenty one Humble ISD elementary schools. As part of their campaign, the club invited the author, Diana Hutts Aston, to talk to the students. “I was completely surprised when they asked me to come and speak to the club and the students. It was an honor to me and it was a very magical thing,” said Aston who entertained the children with her stories.

The idea came from Virginia Schilling, a Kingwood Garden Club member who saw the books and presented them to the club’s special projects committee. “I saw the book ‘A butterfly is patient’ and I loved it. I asked the Club if we could buy the books for the schools,” said Schilling.

Schilling’s idea became a tangible surprise when the students received the books. The curious little ones were happy and excited seeing fossils, animal skulls, and learning the facts about bugs and nature. The informative writings give students an introduction to eggs, bird nests, rocks, butterflies and seeds.

“With these books we are paring down science to where a child can understand it, but still keeping the concrete scientific facts about it,” said Martin.