Halliburton Donation




Mrs. Manzoor’s sixth period class is full of young aspiring journalists. These are students that love to research and write news articles for their school’s online newspaper. But for months, their main writing tool was missing.

“It was a struggle before. You tell the students they have an online newspaper class, but they don’t have access to computers,” said Atifa Manzoor, journalism teacher.

From the beginning of the school year, Mrs. Manzoor and her students would walk around campus with hopes of finding computers available.

“Very rarely we have computers available.  We have keyboard classes and several others doing research during that period,” said Cristina Shepeard, IT aid at Creekwood Middle School.

On September 2015, their computer hunting came to an end. Halliburton donated a total of 60 slightly used laptops to the school.

In August the Executive Vice President of Administration and Chief Human Resources Officer for Halliburton, Lawrence Pope, met with the principal of Creekwood Middle School.  Halliburton acted quickly in finding slightly used computers, cleaning them and giving them to the school district. A few weeks later, the laptops were in the hands of students.

 “Donating these computers allows Halliburton to give back to the communities where we work and live while providing much needed technology to Creekwood Middle School,” said Mr. Pope. 

“They are pretty cool. We have our own little workspace to use them,” said Chloe Landston, a student at Creekwood Middle School.

Landston hopes to learn more about writing for a newspaper, and write articles that can change someone’s perspective and can motivate positive change.

“I want to be an inspirational person,” said Landston.

Thanks to the generous donation, the students will acquire real world publishing experience, and will master the skill of writing for an online newspaper.

“It’s wonderful when the community steps in and helps us and the students. The computers are being put to great use and we are very appreciative,” said Shepeard.