Employee Campaign

Following the Yellow Brick Road

In the late 1930’s the yellow brick road led to bravery, love, knowledge and the true significance of home. Seventy years later, the golden road became a pathway to excellence in education at Humble ISD.

“Each October, Humble ISD employees are given the opportunity to make a philanthropic gift to the Humble ISD Education Foundation through the Foundation's Employee Campaign. It is so fun to watch the creativity of our campus representatives and how they work to encourage employee participation on their respective campuses," said Christy Tarkington, Manager of Philanthropic Resources for the Humble ISD Education Foundation.

This year, more than 50 campus representatives and 3,168 employees joined the magical journey by making a donation.

“It’s so easy to give back to a foundation that you see that is always giving to the students, to our teachers and making Humble ISD the greatest place in the world,” said Misty Morrison, Academic Lead Teacher at Humble High School.

On their way to the final destination of bettering education, the schools faced their own adventures.

“Our assistant principal dressed up as the lion and the tin man and we had an employee that dressed as the witch and rode her bike through the school with her witch hat on. It was really fun,” said Morrison.

“The fire alarm went off and we all had to evacuate, the firemen got here, and I was dressed as Dorothy. The firemen asked me to show them where everything was and I said “come on follow the yellow brick road”,” said Donna Burkhardt, Principal at Eagle Springs Elementary.

Following the Yellow Brick Road has been the most successful campaign so far. A total of $344,795 pledged to the Foundation this year. These funds will help the Foundation maintain a rigorous education for all students.