Grantee Reporting

If you received a grant from the Education Foundation, you will need to submit a progress reports to comply with the award agreement. Also, in order to apply for another grant from the Foundation, the reports must be submitted on time. 

Select one of the options below based on the current stage of implementation for your grant:

1) Grantees Who Are In the Process or Haven't Begun Implementing Their Project 

    a) Click here to complete your Mid-Year Grant Progress Report (read all of the steps below before clicking to the online report). Please submit this form online by January 20, 2017


2) For Grantees Who Have Already Completed Their Project

    a) Click here to complete a Final Grant Evaluation (read all of the steps below before clicking to the online report). 

    b) Once you hit submit and are on the "success page", please click on "Printer-Friendly Receipt" to print your report. 

    c) Attach this printed report to a YTD Budget Report (obtained from your bookkeeper) and send to Adrianne Holmes, Admin Building, through interoffice mail. 

    d) These forms must be submitted by May 26, 2017. 

    e) If your project is completed but there are funds remaining, then you also need to complete the Balance Remaining Form. This is a downloadable form that gives you two options in expending the remaining funds. When you click on the link for the form, you will select "Open" to download this form to your computer. Enter your information and then save it to your computer. Print a copy of the completed form, sign it and attach to your Final Evaulation Report and Final YTD Budget Report. 

If you have questions about the reporting requirements for your grant, please contact:

Adrianne Holmes 
(281) 641.8141