Case Study: Creekwood Annual Fund

Walt Winicki, principal of Creekwood Middle School, got so used to saying no that his teachers finally stopped asking. 

Long ago, Mr. Winicki was ahead of the game when he stopped participating in candy and wrapping paper sales. "We were getting very little return from the fundraisers so I said to myself and my parents 'You know what, just write a check and we'll make do." Mr. Winicki could usually count on about $12,000 to supplement his school's typical budget. "I felt immensely grateful for the $12,000. We have really generous families. But I was still having to say 'No' to the faculty a lot. Something had to change."

A group of dedicated Creekwood Middle School parents rallied together and engaged the Humble ISD Education Foundation in giving them a fundraising strategy makeover. The first year's results gave Mr. Winicki double what he'd previously raised-- around $30,000.

"All of a sudden I was able to say to my teachers and students, 'Yes, we can do that. Of course we can put iPads in the classroom. Let's replace some equipment outdoors. You need new bandstands? Yeah, you got it." 

Gradually, thanks to very generous donors and volunteers, teachers have begun to dream again. No longer resigned to their normal annual budget, they believe they can begin to think about serious innovations in their classrooms and in the way the school operates. This year's goal for Creekwood Annual Fund is $50,000 and they have full faith in their ability to wrap up the goal in due time. 

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