Case Study: Kurtis Krause - Wish List 2.0

According to the Texas Education Agency, on average, students learn 2000 – 3000 words a year. Research shows that students with “working class” (who are sometimes referred to as the working poor) parents are typically exposed to 50% less words than students with parents with jobs in the “professional category.” Given Whispering Pines population of “working class” parents, teachers on the campus agree with the TEA that it is extremely important to find “new ways to provide children with more activities that promote language development and vocabulary growth, beginning in the earliest days of school.” We are also encouraged by research that shows, “children whose homes have not prepared them for the variety of English necessary for educational success can learn to master this language through well-designed school experiences.” 

Kurtis knows that vocabulary development must be constant to be meaningful and must develop at a rapid pace in order for students to keep up and achieve academic standards at the most critical times for language development. His project aims to expose students to vocabulary throughout the school day and make lost class time due to bathroom trips and lining up for the cafeteria more productive than normal. 

You can help Kurtis make this a reality for his students. Visit his Wish List 2.0 page to make a contribution. Any amount counts and will help this project get off the ground. He promises to keep you updated on his initiation of the project, as well as its outcomes!